Our crew´s team called "Sparta"27.8.2008 recorded  Farther records and also updated ours sport Photogallery
Achieved records, this once from athletic disciplin you can find [here]
Mentioned photogallery concerns opening ceremony, introduction of each team and athletic itself see [here]
Group Leader Pesn itselfi in action 26.8.2008 updated Photogallery from Cleanup
In fact we have two big clubrooms, there is always to do. This time we cleaned up our forest clubroom, otherwise you can see painting, coating and other "getting to order" activities at Strazna. More find [here]
"Giving CPR action"27.7.2008 added First aid course photos for scouts
This was already 4th volume of this action for another scouts in Brno. It is held especially for camp "medic" to lifeimportant skillis how give first aid. Photos concerns handling with sudden injuries (which look likes very real) in various condition and for various situation of course, you can find [here]

Pretty nice graphic, isn´t it?:)))19.6.2008 introduced  a New Rangers Website :))
Basically very simplified websites (yet), think up by Aya and Karel, functionally put together Inti. Of course, this is only draft yet:))

The biggest bosses of Pendolino Team - Quarri a Junior (from left)15.6.2008 added  a Photos from Nove Mesto
There are the photos of Venture Volleyball the National Tournaments in the Nové Město, where you can see all the 3 teams in the play, including the slaughter as well as famous wins
Tournament Photos you can find [here]

  Update 21.5.2008 - Cave Trip (incl. limbering-up) /roveri.aktualne.cz
So going on...today are many updates here

                                               Short Panthers chronicle:  
An actions for year 2008 was presented by Quarri

Svojsikuv clubroom has been finally cleaned up

There was already 4th Volume - Komnaty pravdy (exercising the first aid in real) - this time we was represented by Inti
All trash from cleaning has been liqui tated (more in Pesni´s chronicle)


Napolen is becoming, step by step,  part of Panthers

There was a council about MB expedition by participation Vlčák, Šárka, Inti, Pešni and Karel

Tomm open a new group´s fotogallery (by Coppermine) with possibility of rating, giving a comments and every-months photocontests

Today´s update:
  - photogallery from Cave trip incl. classical limbering-up by Panthers, more [here]
  - Cave´s trip chronicle (CZ version) by Inti and Vlčák, more [here]
  - instructions for Group´s Olympic Games 2008 (CZ Version), more [here]
  - basic instructions for MB 2008 expedition and reshuffling (CZ), more [here]
  - photogallery from Afterparty III. with Aya as a drumer, more [here]  

  - fixed some mistakes in article about LDN (CZ)
  - Falco´s "futhers" instructions to bicycle trip to Tyčovina, more [here]
  - added photos by Pudil into article about VolleyTournament in NMnM, more [here]
  - Frkvonik updated - this time by Inti (CZ), more [here]
  - added old paintwork by  Mr. Handmade -  Fallin, more [here]
  - added description of way to our forest clubroom - in future will be a part of new website abou it, more [here]


Future´s update:
- article about cleaning up by Pesni
- Mont Blanc2008 - Routing to Chamonix by Inti, "Menu" by Vlčák, Insurance by Šárka, Physical preparation by Pešni, Acclimated (Grand Paradiso) a and route to the top by Karel
- Komnaty pravdy - videa, rating of members, articles, etc...
- clarifying of function each member and added outline their knowledges, cards etc.
- hope finally Junior´s article about VolleyTournament in NMnM
- a view to future web of Rangers (by Inti)
- article about Olympic Games
- basic instructions for summer expediton of our Venture Company and Rangers
- a list about our Scout´s trail (who has what fullfiled)
- and more...surely


    Update 3.5.2008 - Service / Actual News
This time is only 19 days since last update and promised continuation is here

                                 Actual News: 
Panthers, together with 13. Girl Guides, took part a "Cave" trip (photos and chronicle will be subject of following update)

Group Song Book finally is enclosed in *.pdf format (is already one of today´s updates - in the mean time only in CZ version)

Vlčák has come a part of MB 2008 team(expedition to highest mountain of Europe)

Panthers (Pešni, Karel, Inti, Falco and Vlčák)cleaned out our warehouse in Husovice

There was first impulse for collective expedition of Rangers and our Venture Company beyond the Czech national border (hope there will be more borders than only one:))

Resembleance of new Rangers Web has come into existence (only in our head so far) So lets hope that not only in that and Aya makes it early in real.

Karel is going to learn to make this web..now.:)..so be patient and tolerant please..
And what is today´s update?
  - open section Service (in CZ version), more [here]
  - first in Section is LDN - what is about when and where is held,
     you get to know (CZ version) [here]
  - second section is our Group Song Book (in CZ version), more  [here]
  - Chronicle  - Venture Volley Tournament - 3.-5.4. 2008 (CZ version), more [here]
  - Interwiew from aforementioned Tournament with Smatch Brno (CZ version),
     more [here]
  - some links fixed and added some new ones, more [here]
  - photos from Vestigo´s Cottilion - 19.4.2008, more [here]

And whan can you expect in next times?:
  - photos from Cave trip, which includes Panthers limbering-up showed by Pesni and Inti  
- instructions for Group Olympic Games 2008kyny pro Střediskové Atletické závody 2008
- basic instructions for MontBlanc2008 expedition  
- Afterparty (Volume III.) photos fotky with Aya as a drumer
- clarifying information for summer expedition (RoorSKorMKor 2008 - Romania or  Slovakia or Macedonia (FYROM)) by Panthers and Rangers (Wild Cats:))  

-and more...