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We´ve grown up.

SERVICE as our goal remains.
As well as our motto: "Where is the will, there is a way."

18.1.2009 showed    Exchange Badges Site

System works through our guestbook.
Mostly is possible to exchange yours badges to ours.
You can use English as well as Germany, French or Russian language:-)

Any wishes, comments or contributions are welcome.

More details you find in Badges section.

By this we spend all night18.1.2009 showed  Traditional Xmass bakening
We made it by fourth time, every year is about 150 pieces of Xmass cakes made approximately.
This action is regularly held in sweetshop.
It is occupied by ours for all night, starting usually at 7p.m., and ending about 5.am.
All the photos you can see [here]
All orgs:)14.1.2009 added  City game photogallery for our youth
There can be seen spies in action, redressed as Mafiosos, sometimes in innovative suits.
All this you find

Our Team17.11.2008 updated  Photogallery of TMOU X
Unforgettable times concerns our progres in the biggest cryptographic game in Czech republic you can see here,  [zde]
Here is also small example:)):
Set stateS [ status ] of patch-at 0 -1, set stateE [ status ] of patch-at 1 0, ifelse (status = 0 and (stateS = 1 xor stateE = 1))[ set status 1 ] [ set status 0 ]
Small children with a big toy:))15.10.2008 added  Photos as well as Quotes from R-Club
And again we were at our forest clubroom, this time group´s older members were returning to child age, we make up some cleanups again, and rest of afternoon spend on jumping castle and by another actions. Details you can see [here]
..and some quotes [here]
"Carpathian Squadra Azzura"25.9.2008 updated  Trip´s gallery by group´s older members 
After camp we decided to go to Carpathian Mountains, specifically along Poland, Slovakain and Ukrainian border Photos from this very nice and wild nature you can find [here]
There were a big time for our Frkovnik, which curently updated you can see [here]
"Classical camp fire" 20.9.2008 added  Complete Camp 2008
You can see here our lovely camp place including Gallery with work, as well as  activities like campfire, sewing shoes, campgolf and many others..find [here]      
Camp quotes mainly based on Pesni find [here]
And some records were achieved, too [here]
"Duha za Humpolcem" 5.9.2008 showed  Traditional 140km bike trip to camp preparation and preparation itself.
It was very tough this time, in lasting cold and against the wind (18 m/s):) You can check it [here]
However, one record was broken, see  [here]
Radim, Karel, Honza and others:))30.8.2008 added  Some Records and photogallery from Afterparty Volume IV.
Pics concerns all night singing and playing with one of the famous mandolinist of the world (Radim Zenkl) you can find Fotogalerii najdete  [here]
Records in MP3 format you can find [here]