Our Creativity

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Afterparty 2nd June.2008
One microphone for 30 musicians, sometimes accompanied by Rubi, as the word as well its drummers :))), also can be heard on the recordings listed below. One more warning, recordings are not entirely clear beginning (let alone the end:)). Just, Live music is live music ...:)

Sbohem Galánečko  (mp3)
Dělání (mp3)
The House of Rising Sun (mp3)
Sám v děvčetem v dešti (mp3)
Petřínská rozhledna (mp3)
V 9 25 (mp3)
Snad jsem to zavinil já (mp3)
Kladivo (mp3)
Gorale (mp3)

Falco - competition VZSST (undated)
Discovered by Charlie by cleaning up the clubroom

"Shooting" (pdf)

Afterparty 12.4.2008

Here can you hear a few songs which were recorded on fterParty at Strážná 12th April 2008 with Aya, Me2d, Me3d, Soan, Polárka, Laski, Bara, Ála, Kamča, Laski, Honza a Karel. Record was made by one microphone without any training - so, pls be tolerant :))

Falling Slowly
Je jaká je
Scarborough Fair
Takovou udičku

Vozembouch 2008 record (Scouts singing competition in Brno - more www.skauting.cz/vozembouchh/a>)

Apoštáris Avel
Vozembouch 2007 record

Kdysi před léty

Vozembouch 2006 record

Scarborough Fairr
Camp Video or else Pat and Mat and Pat2 and Mat2 revival

Here you can find video which shows how can be optimal cooperation, if all have same goals..:))
Download here - 66,5 MB