Frkovník (Inti)

"Falco (2:30 morning waking up Inti for night watch in the middle of deep forest): Inti, you come on patrol, something is walking there, so enjoy it:))

Soan (judges sawyer´s 700 meters to the east. Almost without a journey, the young and dense vegetation in the real around 2 km): So this was the way for a strong and enthusiastic tourists who aren´t afraid of any obstacles
Karel: ... but as well the others have to go through yeah?:))

Aya (about some ""unknown"" friend): He can admit his mistake, but never feel guilty ..:))

Pesni (after 1 night and about 5 km to the moderate hill): So for this I am really old ..:)

Inti and Karel discussed about tearing of cheektooths:
Inti: The first day I could not even eat
Charles: Me, too, by the end of the day I had to take day off
Inti: No, I did not take any
Inti: Oh Yeah, I´m not working actually

Pesni (about his manufacture of shoes), ""Bata (the most famous shoes producer in Czech Republic) can be happy that I didn´t lived in his time""

Pesni (about 30 km walk in handmade shoes): .. ""better spent birthdays, I really have not ..""

Dalibor (about the speed of typing): I write like lightning, sometimes shot ..:))

Polti (who obviously trust her team in activity): ""These are two words and I think you won´t to give ..

Karel: We´re going by bycicle to sea (cca 700 km)
Vlčák: What about the Italy? It is all along down the hil
Quarri: Via Alpes – you must be crazy. That´s really down the hill:))
Vlčák: But on the globe is down the hill, isn´t it
Karel: So, Inti lets know Junior about a cupboard. And makes his work on the cupboard.
Quarri: I´ll make a deal with Junior about his works
Inti: And I arrange with myself. That´s the hard, as well!!
Pešni (by giving out the bread lays his own question): So, who is most hungry:
Pešni (after a while of thinking about it): Me!
Rubi on the way to pravila – place of voluntary work: There´s no signal, Pešni!
Pešni (very scared): When I have no signal on my cell, that would be as my heart has been stopped.
Karel: You´re shucks navigator!
Pešni: I´m not able to read the map!
Karel (switched on): Is it better???