Find below the links which is inspiring for us:

Boy Scouts: – 13th Group with websites of all companies – Brownies, Cubscouts, BoyScouts, GirlGuides - Gandalf´s scout company websites – Group called White Peak residented in Nove Mesto na Morave, traditional matchmaker of Venture Scout´s Volley-ball Tournament - list of links to many scout´s group´s and companies

Venture Scouts & Rangers: - Websites of 22th Venture Scout´s Company. They inspired us with the Scout´s trail - Koala Bears – felow Venture Scout Company from Praque - Vestigo – felow Venture´s Scout Company from Brno led by Chem

Scouts courses: - Venture´s scout course led by Pudil - Venture´s scout courses under FONS

Scouting news as well as other info: - Scouting history - Actual news from Scouting

Personal websites: - Thomas – One Name, One legend. 13th BoyScouts Leader websites. - Photogallery of Ahmo – leader of 13th Girl Guides Company - Websites of Grafical´s design author – Hynek oboril. Through his sites You can travel with Hynek around the world.