Members Characteristics


Personal motto: Falling drops hollows the rock...

- Karel is the Big Kahuna. He arranges a lot of trips and programs for our events. Though all of us are contributing, he deserves the biggest credit of. He is hard on us, but with us that is the only way (by Kelvin)

- Our manager and the guy who pulls the largest load (by Méďa)

- The most caring man amongst us (sometimes he comes on a bit strong). I have no idea why he takes his bath tub with him on our trips. (by Pešni)

- Simply — The Boss (by Me2d)

- The best cook and fine man (by Vlčák)

- Our Boss with a capital “B”, perfectionist (which is OK), a good guitar player a and singer. The best volleyball player :o (by Quarri)

- A sort of “Uncle Boss”.... caring and untiring... his rule is “Play to win” (by Inti)

- Excelent cook, and he´s full of gags (by Falco)


- A leader with a fast mind and even faster body (which sometimes creates some interesting conflicts). In his previous life, probably a slave driver or a dungeon guard. (by Karel)

- One of the chief organizers, he mostly gives orders and does...My school chum (by Kelvin)

- The group´s most handsome guy, he thinks he’s a TW (thinking worker –our group´s special term) but in reality he’s a DWF (dull work force) – more brawn than brain. (by Me2d)

- A maniac who gnashes his teeth and pops his eyes, but otherwise a really nice guy. (by Falco)

- He´s fine. Except his moods (but it is congenital)..:)) (by Vlčák)

- Explosive, but otherwise one of the nicest guys I know. Very “metro- . . ” (by Quarri)

- My former future brother-in-law, just the best guy for rough weather. (by Inti)


- The best floor hockey player. One of the best guitar players (nobody else plays it) and singer . ...” (by Karel)

- A Sportsman (by Me2d)

- Guitar player, kinda mouthy, a cool dude (by Méďa)

- Modern Scout:), The biggest ”metro— . . after me.. (by Pešni)

- Pshaw, Quarri, I’ve known him for a long time, we’ve been friends since Grade 1 (by Kelvin)

- He’s for any silliness, as long as it is really silly. (by Falco)

- A calm guy, I don´t know him very well, though he’sbeen here a long time here (by Vlčák)

- Smart, sportsman, guitar player, and always well-groomed :-)... (by Inti)


- The Joker. Champion in greco-roman wrestling. Principal characteristic: Permanent laughter. The fastest climber. (by Karel)

- Strong and smiling. (by Méďa)

- DWF. (by Me2d)

- My former future brother in law, action hero, a friend and always smiling guy. Forgetfull. (by Pešni)

- Active, sportsman and a great team player. Joker, a laugh a minute. (by Kelvin)

- Cool, calm and collected. Can’t get him riled up.. (by Falco)

- A bit twisted but always a good laugh and that’s the main thing.. (by Vlčák)

- Simply the most smiling person I know. Though he is tough and it’s not a good idea to pick an argument with him. Can always see the Big Picture. (by Quarri)


- Future instructor in handicrafts. The best carver. Nickname: Stone Face. (by Karel)

- Our chief carver. (by Vlčák)

- The Mace is a word that sums up Falco. He’s big, tough and unbreakable. (by Quarri)

- Calm and serene. Knows weapons of any kind. (by Kelvin)

- „Unbreakable“ (by Me2d)

- Comments by Inti, Pešni and Meda is at corrections now – due to many slangs term as well as terms with no equivalent:)) (by admin)

Vlčák (Wolfman)

- A double jointed gymnast, half the size of a 2m spear, but very skilled. (by Karel)

- A gymnast of the “rubbermaid” type”. (by Kelvin)

- “Our little boy” Quite reliable. Though it may not be obvious at first, he’s a tough one. (by Pešni)

- “A “slacker” — but I guess so is everyone else a bit :). (Me2d)

- Except for his size, his nickname is right on…. but he doesn’t drool. (by Méďa)

- Gabber and extracter. (by Falco)

- Here we have the proof that even a small person can be big. The Wolfman is small by stature but with a big heart. He is a tough warrior and gives as good as he gets. (by Quarri)

- A bit of a goof, but grown up for his size. Even a bit player can bring down the house... (by Inti)


- The Breakdance instructor and specialist for (not for writing the jokes – Inti is charge of it) thinking up the content of Frkovnik. Comments by other member is at corrections now. (by admin)