External members Characteristics


- Bulletin board keeper. Quartermaster. Free-fall champion. Note the 60´s hair-do. Rock Climber. (by Karel)

- A fan of the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) method. My brother. (by Méďa)

- Very calm and even tempered, seriously ‘under her thumb’. (by Pešni)

- Rock climber, a walking afro and a righteous madman. (by Kelvin)

- Rock climber, football player and calm guy, Meda´s brother. (by Quarri)

- An adrenalin junkie who loves trying new challenges. (by Vlčák)

- Our second tallest giant, intense in everything he does ... (by Inti)

- Always with a smile, knows when the joke is over. (by Falco)

Méďa (teddy bear)

- Webmaster, along haired brainiac. Specialist on relations between EU and Turkey, paricularly with respect to membership in EU. One of the two best singers (the others do not sing at all). (by Karel)

- Webmaster, a smart guy, but not very expressive. A cyclist. a great warrior recreating medieval battles (by Kelvin)

- Such a nice good boy, :P , Webmaster, The Old Reliable (by Pešni)

- HTML master and my brother. (by Me2d)

- Webmaster, Beatles and all that ‘old stuff’. (by Quarri)

- Nobody is probably going to say this, but he’s bit of the brain of the group. He tries to get to the bottom of everything even at the cost of making simple things complicated. (by Vlčák)

- Medieval warrior and a good sport (by Falco)

- Méďa takes care of our website and does it well. He’s more into thinking. You can do anything if you want it badly enough, sort of guy. (by Inti)


- Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. The best footballer (except Karel and Quarri) Excellent percussions player, especially the chinese drums. (by Karel)

- Calm and serene. Nothing gets him worked up except Pešni. (by Méďa)

- Mountaineer and calm guy.. (by Me2d)

- A quiet boy. (by Pešni)

- Well, I’ve known Kelvin since Grade 1 and he’s a wonderful lunatic. Greatest drummer, has a feel for the drums. One of the nicest guys I know. He’s very smart even if he does not think it himself.. (by Quarri)

- Kelvin is a nice guy. You can have a good conversation with him (everybody has his own view). (by Vlčák)