Survey of functions

Function: Leader
Who is in charge now: Pešni
Content made by: Karel


- Supports, encourages and only in extreme case, lightly pushes to personal growth of every hiden positive qualities of each member
- “You've got to accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, Latch on to the affirmative”
- He does as he preaches and expects the same from every other member.
- If something looks like it is not working, he makes it work
- He is humble enough to learn from his members
- He can see the forest (group) through the trees (members) and see the individual trees (members) in the forest (group)
- Simply put, he´s in charge of identifying our goals, choosing the best path to achieving them and leading the way to reach them.

Function: Deputy leader (The Sergeant Major)
Who is in charge now: Karel
Content made by: Pešni

Deputy leader:

- executes the orders of his captain (leader)
- plays the role of quarterback and main worker
- bridges the age difference between the leader and member, because the leader is very old, (just by a few years)
- And lot of further useful things....which are normally not seen

Function: Chronicler
Who is in charge now: All
Content made by: All


- Delete,
- re-write,
- repair,
- edit,
- keeps the company’s Log Book

Function: Quartermaster
Who is in charge now: All
Content made by: Me2d


As the QM, I´m in charge of arranging for lodging for our group and sometimes for the district. I do my best, to find:
- the best, the cheapest, most optimal, nicest, best-quality, most beautiful, the most comfortable lodging
- accomodation near national parks and nature reservations, local historical attractions, as well as modern amenities
- accomodation closest to public transportation
- In short, I’m in charge of making our trips enjoyable to all

Function: Webmaster
Who is in charge now: Karel
Content made by: Méďa


- Creates our pages and inserts contributions of other members.
- Then he has to fix ‘em.
- Take care of them.
- Bathe and change them to make sure look nice in new clothes .
- After an outing the Chronicler submits his report to the webmaster who has to give it a presentable form and post it..
- Keep track of all changes...

Function: Logistician and a Jokemaster
Who is in charge now: Inti
Content made by: Inti

Logistician and a Jokemaster:

- As the logistician, I am mostly responsible for the Company’s movements, that means that I take care of:
- departures
- connecting transport,
- arrivals,
- costs and
- which mode of transport to use
- The Jokemaster extracts and records jokes from our meetings and events, which with us gives him a target rich environment=)

Function: Chief Craftsman
Who is in charge now: Falco
Content made by: Falco

Chief Craftsman:

- Makes sure that nobody is all thumbs
- everybody can make some simple anything out of wood
- everyone learns how to control his knife in carving
- everybody stops asking me ‘how do you do this” and instead do it themselves.

Function: Treasurer
Who is in charge now: Vlčák
Content made by: Kelvin


- Very responsible person. That’s why I’m the one doing it, right? :)
- OK, so I’ve set up the accounting book!
- After that we’ll start collecting taxes and I get to keep the commission :)
- I don’t want anything for myself !!! :-)
- I have to write everything down or there would be a mess!!!! :)
- I’ll be handing out receipts for stuff and maybe pay out invoices!!!!
- and other things in finance!!! :)
- just call me The Paymaster :)

Function: The Cook
Who is in charge now: Vlčák
Content made by: Vlčák

The Cook:

- Cooks on our hikes, but should have some help :)
- Decides the menus for our expeditions
- Arranges our provisions, who will buy food, who will carry it, …
- Makes sure we have all necessary cooking utensils
- Keeps and expands our cookbook. Hopefully my successor will continue in that project and add other good recipes.......NO OATMEAL IN HERE, Y’HEAR?
- Tries not to poison his Patrol (allowance of max. 1 member per month in the emergency department :) )
- Does not have to do the dishes:)