13.th Group place

Since the Venture Company’s founding on December 13, 2004, every year on the anniversary of the founding of the original 13th Boy Scout Troup on December 13, 1921, we hold a ceremony at which, amongst other festivities, we accept new provisional members:

- Each of us subscribe the document of faith

- New members are accepted on trial until they pass their Initiation Tests.

- At this meeting, each of us (leaders are not exempt), answer following 4 questions, which relate to coming year:
     1) What do you want to achieve?
     2) What qualities do you want to gain?
     3) In what area do you want to improve?
     4) How will am I helpful for my group?

The answers of each member are kept private. They are recorded into the Group´s Log Book. They may be revealed to other full members only with the original member’s permission.