About us

Our Venture Company was founded in December of 2004 at the 13th Brno Scout group’s secret location by Karel Konečný and Pešni (Michal Zedníček), mainly to help to 13th group and its sections.

In 2005 the number of members increased to 5, which enabled us to start with partial scout program. By 2006 the Company’s membership grew to 9 and our program got fully under way.

In 2007 became the member –Junior from faraway small village called Bitovany (20 residents, 5 dogs, 1 restaurant) Now, at the very beginning of 2008 has come furhter change – Quarri became a leader, Karel his deputy leader and webmaster.

Last, but not least change is also planned foundation of Rangers – lead by Aya. This means for us close cooperation surely and furhter impulse for our activities, but the main achieve is still the same – Service.